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SAM is a concept that trips up a lot of writers and can be difficult to get your head around. "Of course I want to serve a broad audience!" But your book is a conversation with one person at a time and you want them to feel like you are speaking to them through the pages. It's like eye contact during a presentation, you're looking at one person at a time and everybody in the audience feels your message is more direct even if you aren't looking at them. But there are no eyes for you to look into as you write, so you create a pair, and then talk to them directly.

"The new target audience is leaders who urgently need to realize a big, ambitious goal." - great! Now thin that smaller crowd and invent a leader named Sam that embodies the kind of big goal you are looking to help them realize. Turn the following "perhaps" into a person and write to them about your solutions as if "this is the way you should approach the goal". You don't have to address them literally by name and the solutions you offer can apply to many other leaders like Sam, but this approach will help you, as the writer, communicate your ideas clearly without worrying about other possibilities that will only confuse Sam and ultimately the reader.

Besides, if you solve everyone's problems then who is going to put an appointment on your calendar to help them with their own unique situation because you seem like you know what you're talking about?

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