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😷 The world's biggest work-from-home experiment

😷 The world's biggest work-from-home experiment
By Jurriaan Kamer • Issue #20 • View online
Okay so things are a little bit crazy right now with the Corona outbreak. It is scary to face something that we can’t control, especially if it impacts our health and that of our family and friends. At the same time, CO2 emissions haven’t been this low for a very long time. It makes me wonder, is the planet is fighting back?
Most organizations can’t afford to simply shut down operations for an unknown period of time and are switching their workforce to remote work. The outbreak is “the world’s biggest work-from-home experiment” (source: CNN) and it it lies an opportunity.
Why don’t we completely move to a way of working that requires less travel and commuting; one that it less dependent on (endless) meetings and more on doing actual work; one that focuses on delivering outcomes rather than on hours spent in the office. Does that sound attractive?
Several ‘remote only’ organizations are already proving it works at scale. I have been following GitLab closely, who grew from 400 to 1,200 people in 67 countries over the last 12 months.
Below you will find some related links to get you started and some exciting news about our book Formula X. Be safe 🙌🏻

No Need to Come to the Office: Making Remote Work at GitLab
Going Remote Overnight: Preparing for the Coronavirus
6 Tips for Managing Remote Teams
Formula X: Free download & London launch
Formula X has been nominated as Dutch business book of the year! 🎉 We’ll hear if we make it to the finale soon.
Last month we’ve launched Formula X in New York City. We were humbled by the reception and the positive reviews that are coming in. One of my favourites: “Formula X is as easy to consume as an addictive sitcom, as inspiring as a year of workshops.”
If you don’t have a copy yet, you can download the ebook edition for free tomorrow (March 10th) on Kindle/Amazon.
If you’re based out of Paris, come see my keynote at the NextGen Enterprise Summit on March 26th, which has an awesome lineup of future of work speakers. If you’re based out of London, join us for the UK launch event on April 28th.
I hope you enjoyed this newsletter, please let me know if you have any feedback. Feel free to forward this edition to whoever might be interested. To get in touch with me, simply hit ‘reply’.
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