Ready to abolish bureaucracy? Formula X is here 📙





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Ready to abolish bureaucracy? Formula X is here 📙
By Jurriaan Kamer • Issue #18 • View online
This time of year is always full of family time and reflection, but it’s been even more special because my wife just gave birth to our 2nd daughter: a little miracle of human life! 👨‍👩‍👧‍👧🍼😴
Some questions that I’ve been asking myself recently: Why do I do what I do? Why do I work so hard? Why do I care so much about abolishing bureaucracy and hierarchy in organizations? It’s mostly because I believe there is a better way. A way of organizing that is more adaptive and human. Based on freedom, trust and participation. And one that’s simply more effective in today’s world.
And that’s why I need your support. After the Dutch edition of our book Formula X became a best-seller, we released a German edition. Now, in only a few weeks, the English edition will be published in the USA, with world-wide availability.
In order for this book to reach the maximum number of people—and provoke the greatest amount of change—it needs to have an incredible first week. If everyone who reads this newsletter pre-orders just one copy, you’ll help make this book a bestseller and help me take a shot across the bow of bureaucracy. Thanks! 🙏 Oh and, you’ll be able to unlock a few exclusive bonus packages (see below).

About the book
Formula X “how to reach extreme acceleration in your organization” is a business fable about speed, leadership and organizational change. Many organizations struggle to adapt to our fundamentally faster world. For companies and professionals, it often feels like they have to make an ultimate choice: quality or speed. But speed does not have to result in bad work―and Formula 1 motor racing proves this.
Formula X tells the story of Ronald Park, director of a large kitchen manufacturer. He will lose his job if he fails to significantly reduce the delivery time of his kitchens to under two weeks. As he takes up this challenge, he manages to get his organization closer to this goal, step by step. He receives unexpected help from the team captain of a well-known Formula 1 team. But just when Ronald thinks he made it, things change to the worse…
What others say
We have received a several humbling endorsements, like this one:
Formula X reads like an exciting adventure, full of insights for organizations that want to move faster and act more decisively. The key message is that self- managing, multidisciplinary teams, focusing on clear goals and on continuous innovation and value creation, will become winners for the customer. Leaders can take-away a law of nature by understanding how weight and inertia will slow you down, and that diversity, rhythm, and rituals help to make teams stronger and perform better. A good formula for learning organizations in dynamic markets!
— Jeroen Tas - Chief Innovation & Strategy Officer, Philips
Bonus packages
Formula X will be in stores soon, and if you order today, not only will you be among the first to own the book, you can also unlock exclusive bonus packages, including the free Ebook before the release date, an online training program, a private video conference with one of the authors and an invite to a meet & greet in NYC.
I hope you enjoyed this newsletter, please let me know if you have any feedback. Feel free to forward this e-mail to whoever might be interested. To get in touch with me, simply hit ‘reply’.
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