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Our VR experiment 🥽 and a new article on participatory governance 🔥

Our VR experiment 🥽 and a new article on participatory governance 🔥
By Jurriaan Kamer • Issue #29 • View online
More and more, we hear leaders talking about empowering the people in their organization. The idea is to have people take ownership and responsibility of roles and tasks, and take initiative to advance the organization and improve its outcomes. Despite good intentions, often the impact of these ambitions is limited.
The problem is, the vast majority of teams don’t actually feel that they have ownership over their ways of working. Everything has always been dictated to them: from the roles they play, to the meetings they attend, to the tools they use.
In my latest article, you can deep dive into participatory governance. This creates an organization where everyone takes ownership and accountability for fixing problems and acting upon opportunities. An organization that continuously adapts to current events, instead of doing a large scale reorganization every 2-4 years.
In the piece, I also go deep on the principle of consent, safe-to-try decision making and how to put all of it into practice.
Read my latest article on LinkedIn or Medium.

Our VR retreat experiment
At The Ready we hold a trimesterly retreat to work on our own organization. Just like everyone else, we’re bored of being in Zoom meetings. So this time, we got everyone an Oculus and spent time collaborating in VR rooms (and playing games too…) Here’s a selfie I took during one of our sessions with two of my lovely colleagues. To learn more about how it went and how we think about company retreats in general, listen to this podcast episode.
‎Brave New Work: The company retreat
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