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🦁 It all came down to the final lap 🏎💨

🦁 It all came down to the final lap 🏎💨
By Jurriaan Kamer • Issue #34 • View online
After 9 months, 22 races in different countries and a total of 955 laps, the Formula 1 season has come to an end. Max and Lewis put on an amazing fight, they were tied in points going into the final race. And it all came down to the. final. lap.
I had the privilege of attending the final race in Abu Dhabi, and saw the final overtake of the race take place in front of me. I was overwhelmed with emotions because for most of the race it looked like Max wasn’t going to win. To get a sense of what I experienced, watch this video of me screaming when he crossed the finish line.
To celebrate the end of the season, I’m giving away 5 signed copies of my book Formula X. Tag someone on this LinkedIn post that you feel deserves a copy.

So often in F1 the focus is on the drivers. The gladiators of the sport. But the drivers don’t stand a chance if they wouldn’t have a team behind them that is constantly producing ever faster cars, continuously adapting to changing circumstances, consistently executing strategies and pitstops perfectly. 
Most likely your work is not about car racing. But I’m certain you can find some inspiration in how these racing teams operate. In this edition, I’ll share a collection of the most popular F1 related content I made over the years.
How to make your organization as fast and agile as a Formula 1 team
Team performance under pressure
In this organization, the hierarchy enables speed and agility
Reinvent your organization to gain speed and resilience
Vlogs - English
Vlogs - Dutch
  1. Hoe zorg je voor extreme versnelling in je organisatie?
  2. Versnellen door data & intuitie
  3. Minder regels & luchtweerstand
  4. Leidershap in een snelle organisatie
  5. Pit-stops, discipline en ritme
  6. Snel beslissen
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