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I took 4 months off, and here's why you should too ✌️

I took 4 months off, and here's why you should too ✌️
By Jurriaan Kamer • Issue #37 • View online
For the last four months, I took a break away from work. It created major shifts in how I relate to work - and life in general. I’ve transformed into a healthier, more grounded version of myself. So if you’re ever in the (privileged!) position to take a longer break, I can now say from experience that I highly recommend it.
Why I wanted to take a sabbatical? This is what I wrote in my sabbatical proposal: “I started working when I was only 12 years old. I’ve been hustling ever since. When my mother became terminally ill when I was 16, my focus on my work was my way of coping with the situation. Over time, working hard, the need to be ‘productive’ and make money has become integrated into my identity and idea of self-worth. I find it difficult to relax and disconnect from work. When I’m not very busy, I feel anxious and sad. Therefore, I expect taking 4 months off will be a transformative experience. I expect I’ll need to do some self-work with a coach or therapist throughout this period. I hope I’ll find a higher sense of purpose in the work I do, other than just working hard to satisfy the ingrained patterns from my childhood.”
To learn more about what happened, what I did with my time and what it brought me, read my latest article.

I hope the story of my sabbatical inspires you to think about taking one yourself if you’re in a position to do so. I also hope it inspires leaders to adopt policies that allow people to take one, as I’ve learned that it is pretty rare for organizations to offer it, even though the benefits to the people and the organization are abundant.
Let me know how this resonates with you! Simply hit ‘reply’ to get in touch.
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