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🔄 How do you synchronize large teams to effectively work together?

🔄 How do you synchronize large teams to effectively work together?
By Jurriaan Kamer • Issue #26 • View online
…is a question and challenge I face often when doing transformation work. One way is to add layers of project management, centralized planning and reporting. But there is another way. Recently, in an interview by Authority Magazine I was asked this question, and this is what I said:
The big opportunity is to create an environment and organizational operating system (OS) where teams can mostly synchronize themselves with others. A culture of ‘high autonomy’ and ‘high alignment’, where information, priorities, schedules are transparent. Where teams can self-manage without needing to schedule a meeting or ask a manager. Making this shift requires managers to work ‘on the system’ instead of ‘in the system’.
The interview also dives into my ‘backstory’, ‘life lesson quote’ and the concept of ‘intelligent disobedience’. Enjoy! If you liked it, you may also like my earlier article How to build your own “Spotify Model” and the videos I made with bol on How we run with 60 autonomous teams.

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