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Are you struggling with 'agile bureaucracy'? I need your help 🚧

Are you struggling with 'agile bureaucracy'? I need your help 🚧
By Jurriaan Kamer • Issue #38 • View online
With the best intentions, organizations across the world have launched their agile transformation efforts. But many haven’t reaped the full benefits because they are ‘stuck’ in a form of agile that is starting to look like the bureaucracy that they initially wanted to bust: suffocated by top-down control, a lack of team autonomy and self-organization, enforcing agile frameworks, and unable to evolve the model if it isn’t functioning. Or even worse:
  • Processes and tools over Individuals and interactions
  • Comprehensive documentation over Working solutions
  • Contract negotiation over Customer Collaboration
  • Following a plan over Responding to change
Is this true for your organization? Or have you found a way out of it?
If so, please comment on this LinkedIn post, or hit ‘reply’, because I’m actively looking for examples to include in my opening keynote at Agile Amsterdam titled “We’re stuck in agile bureaucracy… but there is hope”. Read the full keynote pitch here.
Also, if you’d like to come to Agile Amsterdam (on September 22th 2022), contact me for a discounted ticket. There are lots of great speakers on stage!

We’re stuck in agile bureaucracy - keynote pitch
Agile Amsterdam 2022 | Agile event with Workshops, Master Classes and an Open Space (September 21-23)
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