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🌳 72 hours alone in the woods + 🎥 new agile video

🌳 72 hours alone in the woods + 🎥 new agile video
By Jurriaan Kamer • Issue #39 • View online
I recently spent 72 hours in the woods for a ‘vision quest’. No distractions, no food. Just me, my thoughts and nature. 🌳
Participants bring clothes, a mat, a sleeping bag, a tarp, and some water - but not much else. No phone, watch, books or pen & paper. Since you don’t get any outside stimulus, you’re mostly left with yourself, your thoughts and your surroundings. You lose your sense of time, and you’ll have a vast amount of time to think and reflect.
It was quite a mental journey, a struggle that resulted in lots of insights. It was both difficult and pleasant. Boring and enjoyable. Tedious and magical. I feel empty and full. I wrote about how I experienced my previous quest in my article about my sabbatical.

New video on 'agile bureaucracy'
In other news: I have published new speaker video of my session at Agile Amsterdam, titled “We’re stuck in agile bureaucracy - but there is hope!”
In the session I cover:
  • common problems with agile transformations
  • problematic mindsets, beliefs and principles
  • how NOT to implement agile
  • is SAFe evil, or not?
  • companies that have been able to evolve beyond agile
  • possible things you can try if you feel stuck 
  • things we’ve learned work well when transforming
The content is available in three ways:
  1. Full video - 36 minutes
  2. Highlights video - 8 minutes
  3. Slides of the session
Let me know how this resonates with you! Simply hit ‘reply’ to get in touch.
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